Snoop Dogg, The Game Unify Bloods and Crips in LA Protest Following Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Incidents

Those “thugs”. Look at them standing united, having articulate conversations with law enforcement in order to find empathetic middle ground and trying to find a peaceful solution despite the increasing tension. If you understood that gangs began as a means of protecting their community in the middle of times such as these, your definition of “thugs” may be a little bit different.

West Coast rappers Snoop Dogg and The Game did something that is almost unheard of and definitely unseen to my generation. The two banded together uniting crips and bloods, walked down to the Los Angeles police station and arranged a meet and greet with the chief of police. When you set the tone in this way, there is no telling what great things will stem from people just seeing this interaction alone – not to mention what can come from the discussion with the Chief. When Kendrick used his Reebok campaign to unite his city that was really impressive, now the OG Snoop has stepped up in a huge way doing the same but on a larger scale.

So, if these two gangs can peacefully protest and have those conversations that lead to reform – what excuse does anyone else have? If each major city followed suit and actually built those relationships instead of hating one another feeding into it, we could not only change our individual communities for the better but improve police / black interactions.


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