Snoop Dogg says "F*&k the Grammys" in latest Instagram post

Snoop Dogg says "F*&k the Grammys" in latest Instagram post

By: Alexis B 

Still fresh off Grammy weekend, Snoop Dogg took to his recent Instagram post about how he really feels about the award show. Below you can see him compare Macklemore and various hip-hop greats and the lack of grammys they don’t have.

It’s funny he mentions this because on they reported that this year’s show was the FIRST time in 25 YEARS that the Grammys didn’t televise the Rap category. Yes, this isn’t the first time the Grammys pulled this move. Back in 1989 they didn’t televise the Rap category, but hip-hop artists of that era like Will Smith, Salt n Peppa, Kid n Play, Slick Rick, and Public Enemy all boycotted the show.


Do you think history is going to have to repeat itself and today’s rappers are going to have to boycott? Will they boycott? Let us know!

See what Snoop had to say about Tupac and Biggie here on the Sway in the Morning show:

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