The good folks over at Snapchat are back, looking to add some new features to differentiate from other social media platforms. Today Snapchat Drops Off New Features Like Limitless Snaps, Loops & More, letting us have some more depth with our Snap’s. Snapchat users will now find an “infinity” timer option which allows recipients “to enjoy your Snap as long as they’d like.”

There is also a new loop tool which allows you to have your video looped until your recipient moves on to the next Snap. The last update finds a new interface that has been changed a bit to allow the creative tools to fit. Snap is hoping these changes will help the platform grown while preventing current users from jumping ship. Check out the new features immediately on Snapchat and let us know your thoughts. Stay tuned for more updates, upgrades and more coming soon!

Photo provided by Snapchat

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