Slim Thug Releases “Thug Life” and Stops by Sway in the Morning

Slim Thug Releases “Thug Life” and Stops by Sway in the Morning

Slim Thug just released a new project titled “Thug Life” and I got to get a sneak peak at some of the tracks. “This World” feat. Z-Ro, “Life Is Crazy,” and “Make It Right” are three standouts on the project. The songs are sample heavy giving the project a classic Slim Thug feel. Slim expresses how it was for him coming up and where he is at in life right now. “Thug Life” brings out some dope production and Slim Thug’s uncanny Houston slow southern flow. 

On “Life is Crazy” he spits “We was rapping bout work, put snitches in hearses. Now niggas singing to hoes and putting on purses. Went from bitches aint shit, we don’t love these hoes. Now niggas acting like hoes and wearing these hoes clothes.” Thugga explains how the rap game has changed since his entrance. 

Slim Thug also stopped by “Sway in the Morning” and talked about his run in with Covid-19. He spoke on some of the things he is doing to speed up his recovery. He is warning people to take this serious and to be safe. We all wish Slim Thug a speedy recovery and you can check out his interview below. 

Overall “Thug Life” is a dope project that brings some fresh air to what’s out now. Check it out below. 

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