Sleeze The Kingpin Releases Video For “Throw It Back”

Sleeze The Kingpin Releases Video For “Throw It Back”

Sleeze The Kingpin has a new single “Throw It Back” with a Quarantine Gone Wild Edition Video. Sleeze was born in Atlanta but has now made his home in Kansas. The trap artist begin his career after his release from prison. He was falsely accused of a murder that he did not commit and just wanted to try something new with his life after his release.  He was influenced by his cousin Whoa and Slomeezy, both of which were already in the entertainment industry. Teaming up with Dallas artist Angel White, he released his new single “Throw It Back.”

Sleeze The Kingpin has been compared to Bun B, an artist he looks up to. Many people often compare the sound as in how they speak/rap. He was inspired by what is now considered old school hip hop or rap music from the late 90s early 2000’s. While his sound is considered Trap and or Drill music, he is currently looking into expanding with some collaborations with country and Rhythm and Blues (R&B) artists. Sleeze the Kingpin is in the process of starting his own music label, Pis Po Records. The goal is to make way for other independent artists that may not be in a position, financially, to get their music heard.

Make sure you stay tuned in and be on the lookout for Sleeze The Kingpin and listen to Throw It Back Ft. Angel White Produced SloMeezy. 

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