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Singers Freestyle too: Jake&Papa Prove They’re Next in R&B + Sing Live In-Studio

Yae, Yae.

Two of the most talented vocalists under the radar right now come from the 818 and go by the name of Jake&Papa. Those on the West Coast have slowly but surely been introduced to their unique blend of 90’s passion with modern day artistry but now the world is being put on notice, especially with this last project ‘Sexual Warfare‘.

While on the coast to coast trip for the SOBs Music Matters show in NYC, they had a chance to sit down with the SITM crew to discuss their journey there, a few incredible moments sharing the stage with Michael Jackson and how they were able to fuse the energy from Athena’s Erotica as well as “I Got It” into something R&B fans have been missing. The two brothers have found that balance in music, business and very soon charts as well as the hearts of ladies everywhere with their ability to drop a dope acapella at will catering to those special needs.

Check out the full conversation below and be sure to press play on ‘Sexual Warfare‘ to get your weekend started the right way.

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