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Simone Boyce on the History of the Underground Railroad in Brooklyn & Talks “Footsteps to Freedom”

Fox correspondant Simone Boyce has already been nominated for an Emmy for television personality and producer. Joining Sway in the Morning she talks through her new documentary “Footsteps to Freedom.”

Before getting into her own work, Boyce talks about the importance of the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture. Revealing that her mother attempted to get tickets and was told things were booked until November she praises the popularity of a museum that should have been opened decades ago.

Jumping into her documentary which airs this week on Wednesday the 28th, Boyce talks about the little known history of the underground railroad in Brooklyn. First learning about these historical sites through a book she had purchased she talks about filming in actual underground railroad stations in the city. You can watch this historical documentary on Fox 5 in New York and if you live outside the area stay tuned to Boyce on Twitter @SimoneBoyce to watch online.

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