Sienna Miller Interview: Denies Brad Pitt & Diddy Rumors, Training with a 2-Star Michelin Chef for “Burnt” + Not Reading Reviews & Avoiding Paparazzi

Video & photo by Nahgee

With her new movie with Bradley Cooper, “Burnt,” hitting theaters on October 23, Sienna Miller joins Sway in the Morning to talk food, paparazzi and not paying attention to rumors.

Complete with some intense kitchen scenes, Millers discusses the stress that goes along with being a chef in a fine ding restaurant.  To help her look the part, Miller was paired with a 2-star Michelin chef in London to prepare for the role.

Having won a case in London that makes it illegal for paparazzi to follow around, Miller discusses staying away from social media and reading reviews.  Miller also deny’s rumors about getting up close in personal with Brad Pitt on her latest movie set.

Check out the full interview to hear all of this and more and make sure to check out “Burnt” in theaters soon.

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