Showtime Sports’ GM Steve Espinoza: Floyd Mayweather Serious about Fighting UFC’s Conor McGregor + Compares Keith Thurman to Kanye West

Video by YSKSK Media

The EVP and GM of Showtime Sports, Steve Espinoza also happens to be Sway’s hometown homie from back in the day — and Sway had no idea of his high position until he coincidentally ran into him in Times Square at a Mayweather weigh in.

Not only did Espinoza ink Mayweather’s incredible 6-fight deal that blew fans and peers away (that’s 2 fights a year!), but he also locked in a deal with Ben Simmons — 2016’s #1 NBA draft pick! In fact, Steve saw the passion and talent 18 months ago. Almost 2 years BEFORE being the most desired basketball player during this year’s draft pick.

Winning in his career isn’t a coincidence. Espinoza gives his risky deals his all, saying “either I’m going to succeed on a big scale or fail spectacularly.” An incredible attitude to have!

Carrying on their convo, these two sports fanatics talk boxing and start comparing tonight’s fighters, Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter to rappers.

“Keith Thurman is Kanye West,” Steve suggests, and HB chimes in, calling Shawn Porter 50 Cent.

Watch these two long lost homies catch up over sports and watch tonight’s Keith Thurman VS. Shawn Porter fight at 6pm PST on CBS.

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