CBS Co-Host of "The Talk", Sheryl Underwood Opens Up About The Controversy From The Queens of Comedy & Being a "Sell-Out" + Speaks On Bernie Mac's Influence in Her Career After Her Husband Committed Suicide

By Maria-Karmina Landicho
Comedian phenomenon, Sheryl Underwood comes through Sway In The Morning to do what she does best: Make us laugh until our stomach hurts.

In fact, this weekend, she will actually be performing at Caroline’s Comedy Club in NYC.

Sheryl has no chill, y’all. Hilariously slamming the most touchy subject’s within the African American Community and films like “Roots” — she does so in a humorously tasteful way.

The comedian also gets a little deep, as she salute’s a boy named Derick Griffin who was Dean of Student Affairs and member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity who she commends for being the first black student body President — as a member of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, she highly believes in the “Greek Life” in which both live by. This life is deeply rooted in her which she believes, if followed correctly, can be beneficial to the African American community.

Sheryl also opens up about the controversy amongst The Queens of Comedy cast; and reveals what she over heard them saying about her. Furthermore, she explains to the crew how she plans on squashing the beef between the women of The Queens of Comedy. Yet, in true Sheryl form, she proceeds to ease the tension by talking about how she is still trying to maintain her sex life while having to wear Depend (adult diapers/underwear).

Bouncing off the walls with idea’s and jokes — our friend Sheryl effortlessly manages to articulate all of her thoughts, to the “T”.

You won’t want to miss Sheryl Underwood at Caroline’s Comedy Club in NYC this weekend — where she admits to Sway that she is going to reveal some important secrets on how to perfect oral sex saying,

I want to be like Jordan. I want to go out on top!

Watch the very funny sit-down with Sheryl Underwood and the crew, below:

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