Shawn Porter says He’s Going for a KNOCKOUT of Keith Thurman

Video by YSKSK Media

One of the best things about the sport of boxing is that nothing else matters once you touch gloves and that bell sounds. As long as you can remember fighters have traded verbal jabs, accused one another of ducking and dodging along with a list of other things used to get under each other’s skin. But, when you are staring him eye to eye in that ring – no fan, promoter or trainer can take nor give out that punishment. It is all on you. That’s what makes boxing so unique.

Our guest Shawn Porter is a prime example of the confidence all excellent boxers have to have in order to be successful. Even to the point he stated that is without a doubt going for a knockout Saturday night against his opponent Keith Thurman, who was also on the show not too long ago. Look good, feel good…fight good. Porter has it all, putting up a 26-1-1 record against Thurman who has a 26-0 record. Plot twist: They happen to be great friends as well! How hard would it be to box your friend? Guess that’s why they’re professionals and we’re fans.

Check out the fresh interview and be sure to tune in Saturday night 9pm EST at Barclays Center.



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