Money, Sex Tapes, & Celebrities! "Entourage" the movie is here!


After ending in 2011 with eight seasons, the HBO hit series “Entourage” is back! However, it’s not the series, but a film! The movie will be bring together the 5 main fellas Ari, Eric, Vincent, Turtle, and Johnny once again who pick up where the series left off.  Between the comedy, dramatic plot twists, and the insane amount of celebrity cameos this definitely will be a Summer blockbuster! Just to name a few celebrities that were spotted in the film were T.I, Pharrell, Jessica Alba, Liam Nesson, and Tom Brady. For those who may not be “Entourage” fans, you have time to catch up and follow along the fun. The film drops in theaters on June 5th! Press play:



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