Seth Rogen Talks “Sausage Party” & the Not-So Religious Beliefs Behind It

Seth Rogen Talks “Sausage Party” & the Not-So Religious Beliefs Behind It

From “The Interview” to “This Is The End” and “Superbad,” Seth Rogen has a knack for making hilarious films with his good friends. With his new movie “Sausage Party” hitting theaters this Friday he stopped by Sway in the Morning to fill the crew in on how the film was made.

Sway starts things off by joking with Rogen about the ‘entourage’ of him, Jonah Hill and James Franco at the release party as DB and Sway attempted but failed at getting close enough to get Rogen’s attention. “I’ve become an asshole,” Rogen says as he lets out a laugh.

Talking “Sausage Party” Rogen reveals that the film took nearly 10 years to make after the idea came about. Between getting denied studio deals, writing and animating the finished product is something he’s incredible proud of. With hot dog buns that resemble vaginas and Craig Robinson playing a box of grits which fights against a box of crackers Rogen just laughs when asked about the themes that are portrayed. One thing he does admit is that the film is meant to challenge the notion of faith keeping people from what they want to do in life of denying things simply because of their beliefs.

Asked about the lows he encountered while putting this film together Rogen tells Heather that him and the team were denied by just about every major studio in Hollywood. Finally picked up by Megan Ellison of Annapurna Pictures he speaks on his favorite movies that he’s made taking the longest to get approved to make. After looking at popular TV animations that aren’t suited for kids like “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” he says the transition to movies for that market didn’t go as planned right away.

Ending things talking about smoking with Snoop Dogg and working with his friends Rogen jokes that he’s just lucky that he gets along with some of the most talented and funny people in the world. Watch above and make sure to hit theaters on August 12th to see “Sausage Party.”

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