Seinfeld's Jason Alexander Discusses Acting on Broadway in a Play Written by Larry David, Reveals Seinfeld Episodes he didn't Care For + Plays Knowledge of Self & Poker With Sway

Recently named as the best television show of all time by TV Guide, the legacy of Seinfeld will likely live forever.  We had the incredible opportunity to sit down with one of Seinfeld’s greatest, Jason Alexander, to speak on the show’s great run as well as his work on broadway.

Having played in the World Series of Poker, Alexander is challenged to a game of Texas hold ’em by Sway using Lays as poker chips.  From there Alexander gets right into his upcoming Broadway play, “Fish In The Dark,” which was written by fellow Seinfeld great Larry David.  Alexander breaks down the premise as speaks on taking over the lead role from David as he describes it as “stupid fun.”

Having filmed over 170 episodes of Seinfeld there’s bound to be an episode or two that didn’t go over well with everyone on set.  Alexander talks about 2 in particular that he wasn’t incredibly fond of, but the details are minor compared to the overall episode.

Alexander also outlines the One Voice Initiative he has supported for years as he speaks on the two state solution with Israel and Palestine and gives his thoughts on the job President Obama has done.

Ending things on a much lighter note, Alexander laughs through his recollection of losing his hair and trying out a hair piece.  It’s all good though, his wife of 35 years doesn’t mind his lack of hair and that’s all that matters.  We also see Alexander step up to play Knowledge of Self with DB.  Find out how he did in the full interview below.

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