SEGA’s SEGA Forever Brings Classic Sega Games To iOS & Android

Let’s be real, many of us spent a lot of hours playing the legendary, Sega Genesis. The legendary gaming console was packed full of classic games, and today some of those titles come to the world of mobile gaming. Sega launched SEGA Forever recently, a new platform that offers a collection of retro games on iOS and Android. Titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star II, and more are found while new games will become available every two weeks.

Players also have the option to use actual SEGA controllers from consoles like Master System, Genesis and Dreamcast via Bluetooth. Check out the design in the short clip below and get yours now. The app is free however you can pay $1.99 USD to block ads, check online leaderboards, and have access to the cloud to save your progress. Stay tuned for more from the world of gaming coming soon!

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