Oakland Native and Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch Hints at Retirement

Oakland Native and Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch Hints at Retirement

Beastmode is no more.

The popular Seattle Seahawks running back known by his on field persona “Beast Mode”, hilarious interviews, undeniable love of Skittles and a prime example of remaining true to who you are is apparently hanging up the cleats for good. You’d think the Super Bowl would have enough storylines as is but in a shocking development late last night, Lynch announced his retirement via Twitter.

There is still hope for the Seahawks as many of his teammates are still trying to convince him against the decision but after missing half of his 2015-6 campaign due to injuries, it may make sense. Another NFL star Calvin Johnson decided to walk away from the game as well for a similar reason despite being one of the best out right now. While it’s not “official” yet, all signs point to an early retirement for Beast Mode. Unlike many athletes Lynch hasn’t been living well above his means, not having spent anything from his actual contract yet. He has been living largely off what he has earned through endorsements like his shoe deal late last year. Plus, announcing your retirement during the Super Bowl probably has more than a few companies blowing up his phone this week. 

Whatever is next for the Oakland product, we definitely wish him all the best!

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