ScHoolboy Q Debuts “Tookie Knows II,” the Second Part of His Short Film Directed by Jack Begert & Dave Free

TDE and ScHoolboy Q are in full “Blank Face” mode as the album prepares for its release next week, July 8th. Telling his NYC album listening crowd last night that he would be continuing the roll out of his short film today, Q unleashes the follow up to “By Any Means: Part (1).”

Picking up where the last video fades out, Q’s homies roll up on the pawn shop they were turned away from for not having any money. The phone rings inside and the story takes off from there, from the pawn shop to the jewelry store to the block, Q and his crew find themselves in lock up as “Tookie Knows II” begins to play.

A menacing drums mix with a haunting piano melody as everyone is brought into booking. The beat drops and Q raps with authority, “we might die for this sh*t, n***a. Might go down for this sh*t, n***a.” Watch below for the rest of the story and track, let us know what you think on Twitter @SwaysUniverse.

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