Scarface Interview: Going Independent, Focusing on Himself Now & Making his Best Album Ever

Scarface is a very special guest on Sway in the Morning, considering him true family we are always blessed with conversations where nothing is held back.

With his forthcoming album “Deeply Rooted” dropping September 4 we hear Face talk about his turn to making music independently and how much work he has done to create the best work he has ever done.

With no topic off limits Face jokes about biting Chuck D’s style as he gets hype to some Public Enemy in the studio.  Calling the Geto Boys the south’s version of NWA, Sway asks Scarface if he would consider doing a movie.  From here we hear Scarface speak on focusing on himself for the second part of his career.  With his music where he wants it to be he is ready to keep his roll going.

Check out the full interview and make sure to pre-order “Deeply Rooted” now!

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