SC Senator Lindsey Graham referred to segregation as “the good old days

SC Senator Lindsey Graham referred to segregation as “the good old days

Although Vice President Pence denied systemic racism, there is no secret that the Klu Klux Klan has traded in their hoods for badges, law degrees, and political positions. During Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Senator Lindsey Graham referred to segregation as the  “the good old days.” In an effort to justify his words Graham told CNN that his remarks were made with deep sarcasm. 

In the most disrespectful way, Lindsey Graham needs to be assured that there is no place for his ignorance. If he believes that segregation was the good old days then we the people need to show him what better days mean to us by getting him removed from office! 

Senator Graham was recently under scrutiny for saying that “young Black people were safe in South Carolina, as long as they’re not liberal and shared the same values of the state. During a recent forum for South Carolina Senate candidates, Graham stated 

“Do I believe that our cops are systemically racist? No. Do I believe that South Carolina is a racist state? No,” the senator said. “To young people out there of color, to young immigrants, this is a great state. The one thing I can say without any doubt, you can be an African American and go to the Senate. You just have to share the values of our state.”

Clearly, Senator Graham is delusional and is continuing to advocate for oppressive tactics aimed to keep Black people locked into slavery. We cannot accept this anymore and do our part to remove any politician who incites hate and injustice. 

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