Savannah Cristina, the Soulful Therapy We All Need In Our Lives

Savannah Cristina, the Soulful Therapy We All Need In Our Lives

Miami’s very own, Savannah Cristina has been tugging on our heartstrings for a minute now. The Miami native is a vocalist, songwriter, and poet and has been using her heavenly vocals to teach us how to embrace the idea of “self-love” and “self-care”. 

Being from a predominantly hip-hop & rap dominated culture, it was difficult for the rising R&B star to make her presence felt in Miami, but she learned her hustle from her fellow hip-hop peers in South Florida and that gave her the drive she needed to make her mark. Savannah consistently dropped mixtapes and projects to continue developing her voice. One of the very first singles Savannah dropped was titled “Trust” back in 2016.  

Savannah describes her music as soul therapy and uses her musical ability as an outlet to release and vent for herself and just as she is venting, her objective with her music is for it to also be the vehicle that assists her fanbase in self-healing, self-love, and self-care. 

What really set the soul therapy mood in place was her viral raw and authentic D-I-Y videos where you find Savannah on the beach, the park, and the street just singing her soul out while life continues to happen in the background. These locations were specific to the theme of each song and were locations inspired by her childhood. Some of the viral songs include, “Self Care”, “Belong to the Streets”, and “Rebound”.  

We all know, this year has been one for the books due to the pandemic lockdown which changed everything for artists in the music industry. Live shows and concerts turned into Livestream concerts directly from your phone. During this time, Savannah was innovative and determined to perform live again. “The Drive-In Experience”  was created and fans sat in the back of their vehicles snuggling with blankets all while watching Savannah Cristina live on stage. It was a sold-out event and a dream come true. 

Savannah recently released her new EP titled “Self Care” under Warner Records Label. The EP features 7 soulful tracks that still give us very much needed soul therapy. Stream “Self Care” here.

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