Saul Williams Breaks Down his Influence on Kanye’s “808s & Heartbreak” + Performs New Music Live

The influence of Saul Williams is seen throughout the music industry. Embracing weirdness and letting it shine as inspiration for others, Williams joins Sway in the Morning to speak on his new album “MartyrLoserKing.”

From spoken word to performing on Broadway to writing, Williams has had his hands on many different forms of art over the years. Always looking to elevate the game, Williams speaks on the notion of never conforming.

Balancing style and content, Williams reveals the stories behind his new album. Having worked with Kanye during the “808s & Heartbreak” sessions, Williams tells a hilarious story of trying Hennessy for the first time while in studio with Kanye and Kid Cudi. Taking it down like wine, Williams recalls spilling on Kanye’s Gucci jacket and later passing out on the way to the bathroom.  But the work ran much deeper than that as Williams describes his influence on the project and the relationships they built together.

Carrying a strong message with him, Williams powerfully performs “Roach Eggs” and “Think Like They Book Say” live in-studio.  Check out the full interview and keep with with Saul Williams on @SaulWilliams.

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