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Santigold Interview: How Motherhood Influenced Her Creative Process, Industry Obstacles and Thoughts on Chris Rock Hosting the Oscars

Brooklyn’s Finest.

It is not just enough to stand out with talent, a lot of times the creativity in which you present music, visuals or projects as a whole inevitably makes or breaks you. Our guest Santigold has maneuvered in a way that has grown her sound and independence over the years, creating a unique brand through trials.

Trials rarely serve as only a means to hurt us but help us and while many may think her gift of a child would slow up her process, it actually made her more focused while bringing a different level of joy into her life. That is one of the things that largely contributes to an intense drive and determination within her spirit to create more music. One important takeaway during the conversation with Santigold is just how much living/creating with purpose helps you overcome when faced with incredible opposition. A lot of people talk about that “it” factor, she displays it wonderfully from start to finish.

After pressing play on the full interview, you’ll have no choice but to support her upcoming project ‘99 cents’ via iTunes as you can literally see her story still unfolding both as an artist and new mother. If you haven’t checked out the brand new video for “Chasing Shadows” yet, we’ve got you covered on that front too.

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