Samuel L. Jackson on Breaking Drug Addiction, Beef with Spike Lee + Opinion on Donald Trump

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Samuel L. Jackson‘s list of accolades and movies roles spans over decades. Recently receiving the BET Lifetime Achievement Award he’s out promoting his latest movie “The Legend of Tarzan” which hits theaters tomorrow, June 1st.

Receiving his Sway in the Morning citizenship right out of the gate he is greeted by DB who rattles off fact after fact about the Tennessee native’s career. Mentioning that Alexander Skarsgård had just recently been in the studio Sway asks Jackson if he had a Tarzan yell of his own. Stepping up to the plate he lets out a hilarious roar without much coaxing.

Moving into more serious topics Jackson opens up about his relationship with Spike Lee. Placing Jackson in “Jungle Fever,” the two’s friendship has spanned over 20 years with the exception of a small rough patch when Jackson was making movies with Quentin Tarantino. The fix to this beef? Dinner with their wives who are great friends of course. Jackson goes on to say that he was very fortunate to link with Lee and Lee was also very fortunate to find actors who knew one another very well from the start, making the film-making process much easier.

After mentioning his struggle with addiction during his BET Awards speech, Jackson tells the full story of the night his wife and daughter found him on the floor after a bachelor party. Heading to rehab the following day he is extremely candid about understanding your own personality and what you can and can’t handle. Explaining that he experienced a direct correlation between being sober and being successful he says work is his new addiction. He goes on to say that he has the greatest job in the world, why would he not be addicted to going to work?

Moving to the end of the interview Jackson touches on his role as George Washington Williams in “The Legend Of Tarzan” and having to switch up from his vegan diet to gain weight for the role. Jackson also rattles off the differences between Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino and how they make films before getting into politics as Mike Muse asks him if he things the election is about classism. With a firm “yes” Jackson gives his thoughts on Donald Trump and how powerful Jesse Williams’ BET speech was.

Check out the full interview above and make sure to head to the theaters starting tomorrow, July 1st to see “The Legend Of Tarzan.”

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