Sam Waterston Discusses “Gay Geyser” Role next to Charlie Sheen and Jane Fonda + Pulls From Sway’s Mystery Sack

Sam Waterston may have become a familiar face for many through Law and Order but his latest project stretches things in a different direction as he joins Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda plus Charlie Sheen for ‘Grace and Frankie’ where he takes on the role of a “gay geyser”.

It is always interesting to see how actors can maneuver in and out of different roles especially after being on one show for so long (he starred in Law and Order for 16 years). But at the same time, that has to build up an incredible tolerance for the ups and downs associated with the industry. At the end of the day, it helped him send all four of his kids to college debt free, he does what he loves day in and day out not to mention he got a chance to stick his hand in Sway’s sack before leaving the studio.

Check out the interview and be sure to support his new project ‘Grace and Frankie’.

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