Safaree Reveals What Just Changed His Life + His Mixtape ‘It Is What It Is Vol. 2’ May Shock You

Video by Nahgee

New York to Jamaica, back again.

Jamaica was loving the Safaree record “Burner” so much it afforded him an opportunity to go back to his hometown roots. Apparently the trip did a lot more for SB than just allow him to grow his musical buzz but his perspective on wealth/what’s truly important changed drastically.  While on SITM, he shared a little bit about what caused the change including a trip to Bob Marley’s house.

The change outside of the booth is sure to translate into the music but his brand new drop ‘It is What it is Vol. 2’ definitely boasts a few bars that give your finger an urge to press repeat. You can get a listen to full project right here after checking out the recent conversation

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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