Sacha Baron Cohen on his Award Show Antics: Landing on Eminem, Ali G at the Oscars, Spilling Ashes on Ryan Seacrest + Shows the SITM Crew an Exclusive Clip of The Brothers Grimsby

Sasha Baron Cohen has done it all from writing to acting to creating fictional characters. Along his incredible ride he’s made major headlines for comedy that tows the line of being inappropriate and also stirring things up at some major award shows.

From falling from the sky and sticking his ass in Eminem’s face to spilling an urn of ashes on Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet and most recently presenting at the Oscars as Ali G, Baron Cohen knows how to stir the pot. Joining the Sway in the morning crew he breaks down all three of these hilarious moments and the stories behind them.

With his new movie “The Brothers Grimsby” opening in theaters on Friday, Baron Cohen speaks on the spirit of the movie describing it as Borat meets James Bond meets a Pixar film. Already raising eyebrows with teasers, Baron Cohen shows a crazy scene to Sway, Heather B, Tracy G and a few others. Their reactions say it all as they gasp and ask what it going on.

Check your local listings for times and don’t miss out on some eye opening fun!

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