S. Carolina Officer Charged With Murder Of Black Motorist

S. Carolina Officer Charged With Murder Of Black Motorist

A white South Carolina police officer is facing murder charges after a video showing him shoot an unarmed Black man went viral. Although Officer Michael T. Slager initially claimed that he shot 50-year-old Walter L. Scott following a scuffle, the video shows a much different story; as Slager is seen shooting the man 8 times in the back after he tried to flee while handcuffed. The former officer is also allegedly seen planting evidence near the victim’s body, leaving many to wonder just how this case would have progressed had a bystander not been taping that day.

Mayor of North Charleston Keith Summey announced the charges Tuesday evening, as authorities investigate just how a routine traffic stop turned into a homicide. The case adds another page to the growing dialogue on police brutality aimed at minorities, as the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner still weigh heavily for some.

Said Summey during a news conference, “If you make a bad decision, I don’t care if you are behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live by that decision.


  1. What I see here is an officer murder a man and then move his Taser over by the suspect. He lies about his “struggle” to “defend himself” and it appears by the video that it took no time for him to realize that he murdered someone and that he was going take action to cover it up.

    What is not seen is racism. Just because the “suspect” is black and the officer is not does not, by itself make it a racial incident. Ask any of your callers that is protesting this as a racial incident why it is racial and you probably won’t get past the well he’s black and the officer is ______.

    I am an officer. I am also an instructor for Deadly Force. I do not back this guy whatsoever. And I would even go as far to speak about everything that this officer did wrong from my observation from his video and his account of what happened.

    Folks if you want to get educated on this matter begin with TN v Garner.

    Please take this into consideration: There are officers that have no clue about when to use and when not to use deadly force….its as if they missed that day in school each year for their training; there are officers that are so scared that when they are put in situations where they may have to fight that they make horrible decisions; there are officers that will lie about what their suspect has done for any number of reasons including racism. The majority of officers have no problem playing by the rules and honoring their professions.

    My suggestion for citizens would be to go to their local law enforcement agencies and request to be put through their judgement simulators for use of force. If they don’t have one in place, ask how they train for it and perhaps seek out a place that can put you through these scenarios. When this happens the person may have a new perspective as to what an emergency is and understand that the correct decision must be made in fractions of a second. If that person ends up using deadly force or even unnecessary force that person should see the error of their way and get just a glimpse of what trained officers encounter every day they go to work. “Well, I didn’t receive police training” is something that may be heard. True statement but this valid excuse never appears to come up when we are being judged for our actions that are in some folks’ view as excessive, unwarranted, or even racist when in fact that end up not being so.

    This officer messed up and he must face the consequences. But please reserve the label of racist for those that show evidence to support that. The power of such an unfounded allegation is a rally cry that will unite people to fight under what just might be a false premise…certainly an unverified one…. Kinda like, “They have weapons of mass destruction.”

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