Ryan Reynolds Explains Why It Took Years for “Deadpool” to Get the Green Light, Rigorous Workout Routine + Being a Father

It took years for Ryan Reynolds to get his most recent picture, “Deadpool,” started. Describing the process as being like the worst relationship he’s ever been in, Reynolds dives into the ups and downs that he went through.

Loving this character through and through, Reynolds jokes that many actors aspire to be in “Hamlet” while he says “F that, I’m going to be Deadpool.” Working out rigorously for 6 months before the role, Sway jokes with Reynolds about having to endure seeing his bare ass on screen.

From the film to his personal life, Tracy G asks Reynolds about being named the Sexiest Dad Alive and how he plans to react when his daughter James is old enough to date. Citing a friend who told a boy taking his daughter on a date that “whatever you do her, I’m going to do to you,” we’re sure Reynolds will have something clever in mind when that day comes.

Check out the full interview and make sure to head to theaters tomorrow to see “Deadpool” on the big screen.

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