Ryan Leslie Interview: Gives out His Phone Number + does the 5 Fingers of Death

A man who has crafted a marketing strategy all his own, Ryan Leslie joins Sway in the Morning to speak on treating his loyal fans like family.  From private jet trips to throwing big parties for them, Leslie is running on the ideas that loyal fans keep the engine going.

Giving out his personal phone number to anyone who asks, Leslie discusses his new technology which lets him respond to each and every person who sends him a text.  Please try it out and see for yourself, Ryan’s number is (915) 600-6978.

Putting out a lifetime concept album titled “MZRT,” Leslie will be releasing over 120 songs by sending one track at a time each and every month.

We know Ryan Leslie can sing but we also put his rapping skills to the test over the infamous 5 Fingers of Death and he absolutely kills it.  Check it out for yourself and follow along with Ryan Leslie on Twitter @ryanleslie.

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