Russell Simmons Defends his Vote for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders + Talks “The Happy Vegan”

Russell Simmons Defends his Vote for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders + Talks “The Happy Vegan”

Icon. Mogul. Perfect blend between hip hop and politics. Passionate. The Happy Vegan.

Russell Simmons has accumulated many titles (wrote some as well) over the years, always on the forefront of service and fighting for causes he strongly believes in whether that is in the music world, politics or dietary choices.  Although he has been a big supporter of Bernie Sanders and agrees with a lot of the issues he stands firm on, his vote is for Hilary Clinton. Why? Russell makes valid points on why he chose to go in that direction. You have to respect his opinion due to his level of understanding how things work in politics. Results to back the statement on display if you rewind to the Rockefeller Drug laws changing in New York. He played a huge role in that change which our community is still seeing the benefits of.

So while the opinion may not be popular, it carries some validity. Guess that’s a common thing when discussing the mogul Simmons who has now become “The Happy Vegan” and is fighting to educate others on the benefits of removing red meats from their diet. Simply showing the process from food preparation as well as what’s being pumped into these animals before you consume it causing your body to react a certain way is enough to at least consider it. Pick up his book ‘The Happy Vegan‘ which will help you make that transition.

Don’t think he’s not still pushing things forward on the music side either, while on the show he dropped a BOMB. All Def Digital will be producing the Snoop Dogg Roast. “We’re gonna honor him and smoke out Snoop” – definitely stay tuned as details emerge on a date/time.

Check out the full interview below and if you want to learn more about the vegan lifestyle, maybe debating whether or not its right for you feel free to watch: Food Inc.,  Diet for a New America and/or Earthlings.

Russell Simmons Vegan


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