Royce Da 5’9 Interview: Amazing Story Behind “Tabernacle”, Overcoming Alcohol Addiction + Experiencing Life and Death on the Same Day he Met Eminem

Video by YSKSK Media

There are very few artists in the game that have consistently exhibited the transparency and skill that Royce Da 5’9 has since he entered rap. Between his relationship with Eminem, DJ Premier and Slaughterhouse he has set the bar(s) high for anybody even thinking about bringing less than A+ lyrics to the table. That transparency continues to this very day and is what makes him a true artist by definition.

Royce stopped by Sway in the Morning to personally deliver one of the most intimate songs of his career entitled “Tabernacle”. It takes us back to 1997 as he flexes the art of storytelling, sharing an emotionally confusing time that brought life in the form of his baby boy yet took another with the passing of his grandmother. Despite both events, he still performed that same night – opening for Usher. Word to any emcee hearing this story, your excuses for not performing or working on your music is irrelevant if someone can go through all of that and STILL have the gall to carry on in front of fans like everything is cool.

Give a listen below:

As the conversation continues, Royce gets into how Em helped him overcome alcohol addiction checking him into the center but his spiritual growth has helped him stay on the sober path. As he looks back reflecting on that moment in time it kinda comes full circle with his son who is a producer now and also plays his father Royce in the music video. Powerful stuff. One of the most intimate and open interviews to date without a doubt.

Watch below and stay tuned for the release of his “Tabernacle” video:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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