Rotimi aka Dre Gives us Exclusives on “Power” + Speaks on Kidnappings in Nigeria and New Music

Rotimi aka Dre Gives us Exclusives on “Power” + Speaks on Kidnappings in Nigeria and New Music

Coming off a record shattering season premiere on Starz, the series “Power” has already been renewed for a 4th and 5th season. Stepping up as Dre on the show, Rotimi joins Sway in the Morning to speak on his role, new music and so much more.

Starting things off by talking about his new album “Summer Bangers,” Rotimi breaks down the process of putting his own twist on classic tracks. Spicing up music from Lisa Lisa and Black Rob he tells Sway about all the research he did on the music he covered. He also reminisces on listening to Black Rob growing in high school calling his music the anthem of New York.

Mentioning his Nigerian heritage Sway asks Rotimi about the terrible kidnappings that have been taking place in the country. Thankful that they are finally being brought to light so things can be done he reveals that his own aunt was kidnapped years ago, thankfully she was returned but not without paying a hefty fee.

Getting into his acting roles Rotimi jokes about initially taking acting gigs to make a few bucks in order to be able to work on more music. After meeting Kelsey Grammer at an audition and things took off from there. Shining bright on “Power” he fills us in on a few details going on behind the scenes. Saying no character is safe he reveals that cast members find out who is being killed off during the weekly table readings causing some people to leave in a fit, one person he says never showed back up to film their last scene. Going one on one with 50 Cent in one scene Rotimi says he told 50 to give it his all while he pushed him into a wall.

Before leaving he takes to the mic and croons a few lines acapella, something you are definitely going to want to hear.

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