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Rose McIver Takes Sway In The Morning Sex Quiz and Discusses Gobby's

Current star of “Masters Of Sex” as well as “iZombie,” New Zealand native Rose McIver joins the Sway In The Morning studios to discuss her roles in both shows before taking the Sway In The Morning Sex Quiz and discussing gobby’s.

Discussing the New Zealand hip-hop scene, McIver reveals that she was once involved in dance while Sway gives blesses her with her own rap name, Rose Mac.

Revealing that the makeup process for “iZombie” takes as long as an hour and forty five minutes, McIver explains the different personalities her character takes on as well as how she becomes a zombie.

Ending the interview with DB’s Sex Quiz we hear the definition of the word ‘gobby’ among other interesting facts.  You can check out the full interview below.

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