Roscoe Dash talks About Gaining Advice, Talks The Change In His Music, + Kicks a Fire Freestyle

An official citizen, and original citizen of Sway in the Morning joins the show today. Roscoe Dash stops by the studio today, and immediately uplifts everyone in the studio with nothing but good energy and great vibes. Dash begins the show by thanking Sway for always being in his corner. He lets Heather B and Sway know that without their guidance and their willingness to give advice, it would be hard for him to have longevity.

It’s easy to say that because Dash is so humble, it is easy for him to soak up game within the industry. Dash talks about the growth of his music and how it has changed since 2009. With a distribution deal with Empire, Dash wants to create the best music possible. He is taking his time to prepare to create the best music possible, he doesn’t want to release anything when its not ready yet.

Dash, discusses some controversial questions about him being a lift driver, which he is not. He uses lift as a way for his boys to make ends meet, and to create an opportunity for themselves. As the interview continues Dash, talks personal life and let’s the people know he has gotten engaged plus has had kids.

Watch the Roscoe Dash interview below as he talks life and kicks a freestyle.

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