Ronaldinho Writes A Letter to His Younger Self

When it comes to the world of sports, there is no sport more popular worldwide than Soccer. Known in the rest of the world as football, one of its all time greats returns to the news today as Ronaldinho decided to sit down and open up a bit. The Brazilian football legend wrote a letter to his younger, eight-year-old self, which was a tragic and important age for the budding star.

It was at this time that his his father suffered a fatal heart attack and the letter opens with the star recalling that day. He writes “A few years from now, you will accept that Dad is never coming back on earth,” adding “But what I want you to understand is that every time you have a ball at your feet, Dad will be with you.” Have a look at the rest of the letter right here, right now and let us know your thoughts. Stay tuned for much more from the wide world of sports coming soon!

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