Roma Downey Speaks on Leading People to Pray Through Twitter, New Show "Answered Prayers" Being like X-Files for the Faith Audience & Success of "The Bible" Show

Someone who has lead through example while showcasing faith, Roma Downey has found another great platform to discuss the power of prayer through “Answered Prayers” set to air on TLC.

After her show “The Bible” gained over 100 million viewers in America alone, Downey acknowledges faith as a driving factor being her constant success.  Describing her new show as the X-Files for a faith audience, Downey shares her own personal story of answered prayers.

Downey also tells a story about her husband, Mark Burnett, shaving off a full beard on a plane ride from Europe to LA.  Admitting to being obsessed with Twitter, Downey explains the hashtag #pray140 and her mission to lead people to faith.  Check out the full interview and find Downey on Twitter @RealRomaDowney.

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