Rolling Loud NYC 2019 Recap

Rolling Loud NYC 2019 Recap

It wasn’t long after I walked through the gates of Rolling Loud that I quickly adjusted to the hyped atmosphere. I arrived just as Gunna had finished preparing his set. Two mosh pits had formed simultaneously right before he had come out. The crowds of people were totally amped up, it was clear that everyone here, at Rolling Loud New York, came to party. 

However a few hours prior there was news that five of the city’s artists were pulled from the lineup including Pop Smoke, Casanova, 22Gz, Sheff G, and Don Q. The absence of Pop Smoke was highly noticeable, so to make up for it the DJs would play “Welcome To The Party” for the happiness of the crowd. 

There was a letter sent to Rolling Loud’s New York City’s Citi Field in Queens staff by the NYC police district. The letter stated that the NYPD believes that if those artists were to attend there would be a higher risk of violence. The organizers of Rolling Loud New York cooperated and dropped the artists from the line-up. This was done so that that there would be no problems with Rolling Loud coming back to New York in the future, so of course, everyone complied. According to a source Cherif promised to pay the artists’ full booking fees and send them offers for Rolling Loud festivals in the future in other cities. 

DaBaby Crowd Surfing

During the two day festival what stood out to me was how accommodating Rolling Loud was to its host, Queens New York. There were water bottles being handed out to the crows of people who were struggling to maintain breathing room, that’s how massive the crowds were. There were around 60,000 tickets sold per night so one could only imagine how crazy it was. People on the stage would ask the crowd “Do you want us to bring Rolling Loud back to New York?” and the crowd would roar in enthusiasm. They told the crowd to move back on many occasions so that people in the front could breathe and so the crowd would comply because they wanted the organizers to move on with the show. 

With the number of people there the security did a very good job of keeping everything orderly. Despite the overcrowding of people no fights or any form of violence broke out, however, there were many people who were passing out from dehydration and being carried out by security and emergency squads, but they were given the right care and were fine. 

Fireworks @ Rolling Loud Queens NYC

“Open the pit” was yelled from the stage more than anything and rages from both the crowd and stage thrived off the energy that came from yelling those three words. What also got the crowds going wild was anytime the DJ would play a Travis Scott song or collaboration especially “Hot” off Young Thug’s top-selling album So Much Fun. A few of New York’s very own drew in the weekend’s biggest crowds as well including A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, ASAP Rocky, and Lil Tjay, who gave us a little taste at the city’s future. 

However, if you asked who really set the time of Rolling Loud hands down anyone who was there would say Travis Scott. The energy he brought to the festival was insane, he is truly a rager. Even after injuring his knee during the festival he still performed a great show. 

The Fashionnova Stage

Below are some of the takeaways from the show to fill us up as we await future Rolling Loud New York festivals

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