Rock out to Your Old Droog's EP "Kinson"

Your Old Droog is rocking and rolling on his new EP “Kinson.” This time around the 11 track EP is influenced by a lot of rock and blues. According to MTV, Droog spoke with Rolling Stone magazine about his project and said:

“It’s not like something we planned,” Droog told Rolling Stone. “I was mentioning a lot of people from the rock world in my rhymes. It was like, ‘Yo, I think I gotta tie this thing around, ‘cause it’s happening too much. Porno for Pyros, it’s like a dope way of saying your shit is fire. It’s kind of like useless trivia, so I’m making use of it. I just got memory for useless shit. I remember Meredith Brooks; I don’t know why.”

He also mentioned that his EP was named after the late stand up comedian Sam Kinson who can be heard on the intro. Take a listen:

Droog shared some laughs and interesting stories back in November here on the Sway in the Morning show. Check it out:

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