Robin Givens Opens Up About Being Single and Her Type of Guy, Upcoming Movie + Plays Believe It or Not

Robin Givens Opens Up About Being Single and Her Type of Guy, Upcoming Movie + Plays Believe It or Not

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The multi-talented Robin Givens stopped by Sway in the Morning and Sway was definitely ready to dress to impress.  From Diff’rent Strokes to Head of the Class to Boomerang, Givens growing resume makes her a contender for one of the best in the game.  Although her son doesn’t think she sings too well in the car, Robin Givens was actually the first black Roxie Hart in Chicago.  Givens claims she can act like she can sing, rather than actually being able to sing.  She often wishes she can “sanggggggg“.

We’re so used to seeing Robin play a seductive boss/CEO part, but she claims she’s not as confident as the roles she usually plays.  Her shyness in real life just highlights how good of an actress she really is because we’re still having a hard time believing that’s true.  Although only being married to Mike Tyson for a year, and posing for Playboy in 1994, the Head of the State star says she has a much smarter heart today: “…when I was younger, if it wasn’t in a book, I didn’t know anything…by the time I got to California was really when I was thrusted out into the world.

When Sway describes her character Principal Kinney in her upcoming movie God’s Not Dead 2 as being stuck between a rock and a hard place between church and state, Givens says, “I like to believe in terms of creating characters, giving them a history, so I like to believe that she does have faith and is a believer but she has to keep the roles…they do it in a very nice way because they almost talk about Jesus in a historical sense, along with MLK and Gandhi, so she’s saying what’s wrong about that?  We re just talking about tolerance and acceptance and love, but my character still doesn’t believe it belongs in school.

Her faith in God has always gotten her through bad times and with the recent unexpected passing of her sister, Robin has become a strong advocate for Breast Cancer awareness, so ladies, please go and get tested!  Watch her play Believe or Not and answers how in the world she’s still single, plus much more in the full interview above.  God’s Not Dead 2 is out today.

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