Rob Stone & The Fader Staff Celebrate 100th Issue: Digging Deep With Drake, Surviving a Digital Transformation & Different Between Writers, Journalists and Bloggers

If you’re not familiar with Rob Stone and his history in rap music you should take a break from reading and do your Googles.  From being alongside Biggie to founding the Cornerstone Agency as well as Fader Media, Rob has been a staple in crafting content and building brands within the industry.

Now with talented individuals such as Joseph Patel and Naomi Zeichner at his helm, Stone and The Fader are celebrating their 100th issue with a double cover featuring Drake and Rihanna.  The team brings their head together and speaks on surviving the digital age when so many other magazines folded and simply opted with an online presence.

Stone, Patel and Zeichner also elaborate on The Fader’s interview with Drake and his openness in discussing the Meek Mill situation and his thoughts on writing lyrics.  With clickbait journalism eating up headlines, head editor Naomi Zeichner goes into detail about the difference between journalists, bloggers and writers as she explains the main split is those who can edit and those who can’t.

Find out what else was covered in the full interview and look below for the Drake and Rihanna covers for Fader 100.

RihannaFADERScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.58.41 PM


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