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You can do it! The line may be remembered forever but he has changed so many different projects with his unique humor that you always seem to want more. Yep, you guessed it Rob Schneider swung by SITM to talk about a few new things up his sleeve as well as some hilarious stories shared between him and Adam Sandler.

Although Schneider has been consistently working for years, he is staying busy with new creative ideas to keep things fresh and moving forward. Given the fact we all have fallen in love with Netflix, he brings fans a couple of new shows to binge watch including “The Ridiculous Six” co-starring Terry Crews and Adam Sandler. But that isn’t the only thing Schneider has up his sleeve with the massive streaming company. He also co-wrote a comedy series ‘Real Rob’ alongside his close friend Jamie and his wife, not a bad group to have with you while at work huh? But, then again doing what you love doesn’t always feel like work.

Check out the interview below and get a glimpse at “The Ridiculous Six” as well:

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