Rob Markman’s Red Light Special Ep. 15: Jake&Papa Tell Stories Behind “Sexual Warfare,” Coming Up as Brothers & Artists that Influenced Them

As you should already know, one of Sway’s Universe’s biggest supporters and friends Rob Markman has been killing the podcast game with help from the lovely Kristin Coral.

Staying true to their Wednesday release date, Rob and Kristin have rolled out a very special feature for the 15th episode with Jake&Papa complete with an appearance from our very own Nicky G.  With their new album “Sexual Warfare” hitting the streets in full force, Jake&Papa spoke candidly with Rob and Kristin about many different topics in depth, the RLS lends itself more as a casual conversation than an interview and that’s what sets it apart.

Jake&Papa elaborate on the Sexual Warfare movement, writing music about real life experiences and tell the stories behind tracks like “Starless” and “Cherry Stem Acapella.”  We also hear Jake&Papa light up when they remember singing for Michael Jackson as well as Stevie Wonder when they were younger.  From their early career in Brutha to now shining as Jake and Pap, the brothers speak on their family life and how their careers have evolved.

This is truly a podcast to turn on and kick back to, true passion for music and knowledge of the industry overflows into stimulating conversation with R&B’s hottest artists.  Check out episode 15 and keep up with Rob, Kristin, Jake&Papa and Nicky G on Twitter.

@RobMarkman@Krislovaa , @JakeAndPapa@nickygeezy


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