Rob Markman: “Red Light Special” With Special Guest, Mack Wilds

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Rob Markman and Kristin Coral, introduce their newest conversational platform titled, “Red Light Special” — an authentic and passion driven podcast, dedicated to R&B music and how it makes people feel.

If you haven’t had or heard about the R&B is dead debate that’s been contagiously spreading, then I don’t know what part of the music spectrum you are sitting on — because it’s been a long standing conversation that can easily turn into an argument.

In this first series, Rob and Kristin welcome this generations R&B trail blazer: Mack Wilds who comes through to speak on his thoughts on the current state of the seemingly lost genre. With that being said, they begin the sit-down with the debate:

Jodeci vs. Boyz II Men

Although Mack couldn’t say much about his own upcoming R&B project, he managed to bring up a great point about the debate, stating:

You sittin’ back and you look at the sound scape of everything right now and you see how everything’s moving; and how people move. You start to notice that there’s a void of feel good music.

He continued to explain,

” J.Cole said it best: ‘Does anybody sing about love anymore?‘ We need stuff that make people smile and feel good, not just bars… “

On the other hand, Kristin Coral chimes in on how these groups help both men and women with their feelings; adding her explanation in her stance that Boyz II Men has hits over Jodeci. In contradiction to the two men’s point-of-view, Kristin explains in detail that the difference lies in the stage attire, to the back-up-dancers, lyrics and even album sales.

As stated above: With R&B, comes feelings. With feelings, typically comes relationship talk. In that context, Kristin takes some relationship questions and throws them at the Rob and Mack to answer.

Surprisingly, Rob lays his heart out on the line and says,

I don’t know I’m a relationship guy. I would never sleep with nobody that I wasn’t in a relationship with.

This is some real talk, kids. If you want to hear solid people, break down real point’s and issue’s regarding R&B music; make sure you subscribe to this creative weekly podcast titled, “Red Light Special” by Rob Markman and Kristin Coral.

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