Rob Markman Reveals Big Interview Breaking Down the Business Behind Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” with Biggs of Roc-A-Fella Records + Twitter Love from Kim K and Nicki Minaj and Remembering Prince Be

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Ushering in the era of MP3 downloads and streaming services taking precedent over CD’s with album booklets with complete with song lyrics, and their team of creatives are bringing lyrics back to the forefront. With one of our good friends, Rob Markman, at the helm of all this action we had him in the studio to speak on some of Genius’ latest content.

Getting love from music lovers, music makers and celebrities alike, Markman jokes about being shouted out by Kim Kardashian after making a lyric video with Desiigner for his single “Panda.” The idea behind this video was simple yet effective. People love “Panda” but only know a few bars of the song for certain, how can we bridge the gap for people to know what’s being said?

Along with their work with Desiigner turning heads, Markman and the Genius team were also shouted out by Nicki Minaj after the recent release of her new track, “Don’t” Hurt Me” with DJ Mustard and Jeremih. Counting her rings many people were confused with her math, those people didn’t include Markman who added Steph’s rings with LeBron’s (prior to last night’s Cav’s victory) and finally counted Minaj’s albums in for the final tally.

Going forward we hear Markman speak on another recent piece of content with artist and songwriter Ingrid. With writing credit on Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” she shared that not all of the story telling on the album came from Queen B’s life. Markman and Sway continue on the topic of writers contributing their personal stories for other people to sing about.

As Markman proceeds with the interview Sway asks him about an interview that has yet to be announced with Biggs of Rockafella Records. With the 20th anniversary of “Reasonable Doubt” right around the corner Markman reveals that he spoke to Biggs about the business behind the record and his influence on tracks like “Can I Live.”

Before he leaves Rob and Sway also remember the life and legacy of Prince Be of P.M. Dawn who passed away this past Friday at the age of 46.

Check out the full interview above and keep up with both Rob Markman and Genius on Twitter @RobMarkman & @Genius.

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