Rob Markman Rates Tyler the Creator's "Cherry Bomb" Album a 7 Out of 10

What’s up citizens this ya guy Rob Markman with The Rob Report, where we break down music for the game’s hottest artists. Last week a couple of y’all got at me for my Ludacris rating, but we’re still cool, right? Well this week we’re going to check out Tyler the Creator’s new album Cherry Bomb.

A week ago we didn’t even know we were getting an album from Tyler and just like that the Odd Future De Facto leader drops a Cherry Bomb on us and in true Wolf Gang fashion there is nothing conventional here. On tracks like “Keep Da Os” “Brown Stains” and the album-opening “Death Camp” Tyler delivers sharp social commentary with wacky wit and progressive instrumentation.

Cherry Bomb proves that hip-hop needs a Tyler, the Creator more than ever. He doesn’t care about sales and he doesn’t care about radio, all Tyler is concerned about is his art. And while the LP does have it’s faults sonically, it does push the envelope. “Buffalo” is a standout and on “Smuckers” he gets Kanye West and Lil Wayne for a rap free-for-all that has little shot at radio play. The dude takes chances.

Overall I’m going to give Cherry Bomb a 7 out of 10. It’s not as defining as Wolf, but a cool follow-up. But that’s just my thoughts though, I need you to hit me on Twitter @RobMarkman and let your opinion be known. I talk back.

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