Rob Markman Rates Raekwon's "Fly International Luxurious Art" Album a 7 out of 10

What’s up Citizens this ya guy Rob Markman with The Rob Report, where we break down music for the game’s hottest artists. Last week we kicked it with Bodega Bamz and today we’re gonna hop on the staten island ferry to get with Raekwon the Chef on his new one Fly International Luxurious Art.

Fly International Luxurious Art shows a different side of Rae, and while this album doesn’t have the Wu-Tang sound that his day one fans come to know and love, he displays a whole lot of grit and grime, while still remaining as fly as can be. The album isn’t flawless, the production isn’t as dynamic as it needs to be, but Rae doesn’t gather a fitting soundbed. On “Worst Enemy” he scores points with his self reflection and on “All About You” he gives us a more universal sound with Estelle, then on “Revory” he links Ghost and Rick Ross for with may be my favorite joint on the album.

Raekwon’s crowning jewel is still Cuban Linx I and then there’s the purple tape follow-up CUban Linx II. FILA doesn’t touch those, but it’s still solid. Overall I’m going to give Fly International a 7 out of 10. Chef fans will love it. Well there goes my two cents. What do you think? Hit me on Twitter @ROBMARKMAN, I talk back.

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