Rob Markman Rates "By Dom Kennedy" a 7 out of 10

What’s up citizens this ya guy Rob Markman with The Rob Report, where we break down music for the game’s hottest artists. This week we’re headed out to the westside with love of course, to check out By Dom Kennedy.

By Dom Kennedy keeps a consistent vibe throughout, he’s confident in his sound and at times gets too comfortable though. “Thank You Biggie” pays homage to one of Dom’s influences, while on “Lemonade” he raps about all his ambitions. Most of the LP is laid-back, but these two get a bit sleepy before things pick up again.

If you’re measuring By Dom Kennedy with the same scale that you do The Yellow Album or From the Westside with Love, then it falls a bit short. It’s solid in it’s own right however. With “2 bad” Dom spits game to the fairer sex with more than a few memorable one liners and gives us more of the same on “Posted in the Club.” But t’s the bouncy “Fried Lobster” with a guest verse from Bonic that’s the real stand-out.

By Dom Kennedy is a good solid effort, but doesn’t do much to take Dom fans to another level, that’s why I give it a 7 out of 10. But that’s just my take, I want to know what do you think. Hit me @RobMarkman on Twitter. I talk back

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