Rob Markman Rates Big Sean's "Dark Sky Paradise" an 8.5 Out of 10

What’s up citizens this ya guy Rob Markman with The Rob Report, where we break down music for the game’s hottest artists. Last week we checked out Drake’s latest and this week we’re going to dive into Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise.

When it comes to rap skills, Big Sean is one of the game’s illest spitters. but when it comes to making albums Sean hasn’t always delivered. Welp the Detroit spitter changes all that on his new album. The bars on Dark Sky Paradise are top notch and Sean found the music to match. “Blessings” finds Sean Don going toe to toe with Drake and “Deep” he gets thought provoking with Lil Wayne.

Dark Sky Paradise is the album that Big Sean fans have been waiting for. It’s by far his best album. He has hits with “I Don’t Fuck With You” and “Blessings” and then caters to lyric lovers on “Dark Sky” and “Paradise.” With “All Your Fault” Sean once again proves his star power with Kanye West on a Soulful turn up. Sean deserves all of his props on this one.

A lot of artists struggle to top their debut effort, but on Dark Sky Paradise Big Sean takes things to another level and raises his future stock that’s why I’m giving it a 8.5 out of 10. Shit is tight. Still I have a feeling some of y’all are gonna disagree. Well, let’s go, hit me on Twitter @RobMarkman, you know I talk back.

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