Riz Releases Video For “Lonely Road”

Riz Releases Video For “Lonely Road”

Coming straight out of Atlanta, Riz, the sultry R&B and soul singer, just released her single and video “Lonely Road.” The song features Jahi Gilky and Donovan Michael. The song touches the deeply rooted problems surrounding racism, the justice system, and police brutality in America. This new song is like a soundtrack to the society we are living in right now. “Lonely Road” shows three different perspectives of how one feels about the recurring issues but ultimately agreeing that it is time to take matters into our own hands.

Riz is a rising R&B and soul artist. Her voice will surely draw you in with her deep raspy melodic tone. The guitar driven track, the smooth sultry sound of Riz, with both trap type lyrics and a reggae flow thrown in the mix makes the song stick in your head. 

The message speaks loud to the climate of the world we are living in today. It is easy to feel the message of the song because we are living in a world that’s still filled with social injustices. “Lonely Road” is sure to open eyes and hearts to the struggle. Be sure to check out her other singles “Text Messages” and “Dark Outside” as well as be on the lookout for her upcoming projects.

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