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Rise and Shine Artist RJ Speaks on Motivating Russell Westbrook, South Central Slang and Freestyles Live

Been working. Been grinding. Time to Rise and Shine!

The West Coast artist RJ has been selling out arenas and making some serious noise out of South Central lately. After hooking up with YG and company, he is really beginning to show the world what he’s about. It’s one thing to drop a hit and have people love it on the internet but it’s another to get on the road and actually see people feeding off your music – actually touch them to see how they respond to you. That has been the gameplan so far and it’s working to perfection.

Best part about him is….originality. One thing he makes clear during the interview and everyone listening should take from this is “be yourself” don’t try to sound like or be like anyone else. That person already exists. “I just want to take the game to the next level, with my own style…my own sound. I’m not trying to sound like anyone else.” Respect.

Check out the full interview above and grab his new OMMIO 3 project HERE.

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